Pretty much everyone who frequents this board knows The Unwanted Houseguest saga needs to be made into a movie. There will also be at least one sequel and probably a tv series spinoff. Maybe animated.

Now I know someone on this board has always wanted to write screenplay. Now's your chance because this thing has pretty much written itself. BONUS: You get to work* with me and I'm clearly amazing.

*Work as in you do most of the writing since I'm more an "idea" person than a "do the actual work" person. But I do have great ideas including the post Thanksgiving Breakup between UHG and her husband. Also the twitter tag #UHG and I'm currently looking into the domain name.

So many ideas that will be wasted if someone young and motivated doesn't step up and turn this into a movie for with me. You can have top billing on the writing credits and keep 47% of any money we make (net).