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As I was walking to the bathroom, I saw my male coworker outside, downstairs getting yelled at by his girlfriend (I was walking down a long hallway of windows that look outside—we’re on the top floor, but it’s only 2 stories). I had to go downstairs to use the women’s bathroom, and pass by the doorway where I could see my other female coworker had just joined them and the girlfriend was screaming at my female coworker.

I peed, and when I came out, female coworker and I ended up walking up the stairs together. I asked her what the hell that was and she told me that male coworker’s girlfriend accused the two of them of having an affair, threatened to punch the female coworker, and called her a whore. She said she knows they talk and they have lunch together.


I asked f-coworker how she even ended up downstairs to begin with, and she said that m-coworker called her and asked her to come downstairs. Apparently, gf had threatened to come up to our office if f-coworker didn’t go downstairs.

F-Coworker walked away, m-coworker got into the car with gf and she sped off.

He just confirmed to f-coworker later that his gf was literally on her way up here and that was the only way he could stop her, was by calling f-coworker down.


I’m trying to urge my f-coworker to tell our HR person because this is beyond crazy. I think she will.

ETA: A friend of the gf is now messaging/harassing my f-coworker.

ETA2: Apparently, m-coworker’s GF has been reading all the slack messages that he’s been exchanging with other coworkers, including f-coworker.


F-coworker is going to talk to our HR lady (I call her that, but she’s not really. We’re too small to have HR, but she’s the closest thing to it).

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