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Coat making supply haul!

I’ve got the coatmaking bug! I’m nearly finished with my spring green winter coat, but I’m already itching to make another (one can only hope that it won’t interfere with the completion of the green coat) and have been furiously planning it out.

I was inspired by the Spring 2017 Chanel coat that Anna Wintour wore to her dame-ification ceremony:


I’ve gone back and forth about the pleat and ultimately decided against it, I like to wear my coats open if at all possible and I think the pleat begs for a fully buttoned coat. I also like a nice welt pocket, and I would have to do inseam pockets with the pleat. I’m about that shoulder and collar tho! I went through a version that I suddenly realized looked like a Ringmaster’s coat (bullet dodged) before I landed on this:

I’m so excited!! I going to use tailoring techniques and fancy shit:

Fancy shit.
Photo: Me (Me)

The silk organza, hair canvas (outrageously expensive fancy Italian shit, look at the horse hair fringe!), and cotton muslin are for interfacing, the cotton broadcloth is for the pockets (pockets are usually the first place a lining tears), and the silk charmeuse is for the lining. The silks are shockingly reasonably priced (unlike hair canvas!) from Dharma Trading, where the hippies sell the most wonderful things for great prices. I’ve also got silk thread for hand sewing, topstitching, and hand worked buttonholes. I’m so excited I could die.

What are you doing that you’re excited about? Any great hauls? Anyone ever made a coat? Anyone know where to get Italian hair canvas for a reasonable price (does such a thing exist?)?

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