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Y'all I was in a hurry this morning making a soup. A chicken soup with Thai curry accents.

I dumped in the light coconut milk and now it looks curdled,not nice and creamy. Google tells me that its probably because I added it in the wrong order and let it get to too high a heat. The can expires in 2017 and nothing smells off. Obviously I wouldn't serve it to anyone, but is it OK for me to eat? Can I fix it?

Need to go to work in about an hour and want to know before I dump the noodles, etc. in there.


This is a shitty picture because of steam and iphones are bad combinations. You might be able to see the little spots of "milk"

ETA: So it won't kill me and I'll have something for the dinner I will eat at my desk tonight. Thanks MissyPants and VioletBaudelaire. Some lessons I learn the hard way.

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