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Coconut oil for yeast infections

Fluffybutt reporting back with results.

So, it seems to have helped. There actually was a study done that showed that coconut oil affected candida, so that's reassuring! Unfortunately, it's difficult for me to tell if it's definitely, 100% working. It could just been coincidence, and the diflucan kicked in around the same time I used the oil. Or, it could just be calming the symptoms.

Using it is the same concept as using yogurt. I melted some in my hands then smeared it all over a tampon and shoved it up there. Before I went to sleep, I removed the tampon and filled an empty applicator with it and deposited it that way (you can just sleep with the tampon in, but I find that uncomfortable). You can melt then freeze it in empty tampon applicators or fingers of latex gloves. It's messy, but probably no more than yogurt.


The discharge seems to have subsided a decent amount, and I definitely feel less itchy/raw/dry (but that may be because coconut oil is moisturizing). If nothing else, it can't hurt you. So I say it's worth a shot.

I think I'm going to try the boric acid, though. I really just want to kill this thing already. My twat is seeing more action this week than ever. I may not be having sex at the moment but I'm certainly getting stuff shoved up there!

Keep in mind, coconut oil can affect latex condoms, so take that into consideration.

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