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Am I addicted to coffee, or caffeine? I was reading a Starbucks story on Gawker just now (it's not that exciting and not really part of my story), and now I am having the cravings. The mouth-watering, wide-eyed, trying-to-make-excuses-in-my-head cravings.

The mega cravings. I need a coffee. NEED.

Now, it's after 9pm where I live - I don't want to have a coffee this late. But I am basically fantasizing about the taste of it in my mouth, and it is taking so much for me to refrain from going back to the kitchen to make a cup.


According to this and this and this, I don't have symptoms of caffeine withdrawal when I don't get it. I can physically go without coffee and suffer no consequences other than being a tid bit cranky (but not even something that is out of my control). But my problem is that I can't seem to emotionally go without coffee.

Most common symptoms are headaches, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, nausea. I have none of these, as long as I've gotten enough sleep.

I love the taste of coffee, and this is why I want unlimited supplies of it. I drink it black and strong with no sugar. I always want hot coffee - I drink iced coffee too quickly and it makes me sort of maniacal. My other problem - I hate the taste of decaf. So it doesn't satisfy the craving.

I drink anywhere from 2-4 cups a day, throughout the day.

What are your caffeine-addiction experiences?

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