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Coffee and Tea Snob Supersale!!! (also, stand mixer)

Hey y'all - JC Penny is having a 70 percent off sale of all Bodum products.

Here in Kansas the stores are still stocked and I made off with a $400 stand mixer (with dough hook!), a $120 burr grinder, several french presses ($50 each) and a water kettle for under $200.

Then I bought fleece sheets because they were also 40 percent off and it's supposed to drop down to the 30s next week and snow. I am never getting out of bed. It's going to be me and cats and coffee and fleece sheets and that wool blanket I bought off ebay and a down comforter and an electric blanket and Breaking Pointe on the Roku.


BRING IT WINTER! BRING IT! (Ok, I might have gone off the deep end there.)

I know online is completely sold out but I took a chance and went to the local store and they hadn't even marked the stock yet. So they still had all the things.

Note that I do not actually know how to use a stand mixer. I have never used one. My mom didn't have one. I have no idea why I bought it except that I am old and unmarried and am never going to have a wedding registry so happy I'm single and get to eat all the cookies and drink all the coffee myself day!

I may have had too much caffeine already. Good luck!

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