Looking around at my local coffee shops, I see long shelves filled with bottles of syrup. There's usually 10-20 different kinds, but it seems like we always get stuck on the same few flavors โ€” chocolate, vanilla, caramel. During the fall, pumpkin spice. Maybe a creme brulee or mint during the holidays. Does anyone else find it just a bit boring? Does anyone else actually look at the long list of syrups available at their local coffee place? I find the most interesting combinations ever in the lists at my favorite places. Down with vanilla and caramel! Forward with the weird flavors!

My top 5 "surprise" flavors:

1. Toffee Crunch

Extra bonus points if you toss it into a mocha.

2. Coconut


Sweet, but not too sweet. Just interesting enough, and blends well with espresso.

3. Toasted Marshmallow


For those with a sweet tooth who are tired of the usual vanilla or caramel.

4. Amaretto

For a more subtle flavor, take the amaretto alone. For a sweeter touch, add half a pump of vanilla.


5. Ginger

A great way to warm up and wake your palette, without too much sweetness.

Honestly, does anyone ever actually put fruit-flavored syrups in their coffee drinks? I tried strawberry once and was very disappointed, and the chocolate/strawberry combo from Valentine's day was also unworthy. DOWN WITH THE FRUITY SYRUPS. LEAVE THEM TO THE STEAMERS. Had a good experience with fruity flavors? Tell me below โ€” I'm willing to be convinced!


I think I need to change my name to LatteLover, because I feel like that's all I ever seem to post about.