Much hangover. So dehydrate. Wow, kegger.

Yes, I was at a keg party last night. Because I'm not 43, I'm apparently 19. Actually, one of my best friends threw a party to celebrate her son's graduation from college and impending ship-out day for the military. We ate, we drank, then we proceeded to REALLY drink, and I had a fantastic damn time and think I'm sore from laughing. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I just want to share this PSA: Beer salt is the devil. Don't buy beer salt. Because you will drink a LOT of beer, trust.

Also. I'm so sorry bad feelings are simmering. Also, also, I'm extremely sorry I missed Bingo,Carlos' birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INTERNET FRIEND! Now I'm going to attempt to drink a glass of water without wanting to die. It may or may not be possible.


What's everyone up to this fine day?

ETA: This is beer salt, and yes, it's like lime-flavored salt that you can either sprinkle in your beer or on your tongue before a swig, and it's kind of amazing.