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Cognitive dissonance: contesting a grade


I'm a designer and I've been working professionally for years. But I'm also an MFA design student right now, slugging away two (remote) classes at a time on my typographic thesis. I'm well along and at the point in my program where all my courses are essentially: "work on your thesis."

This makes things somewhat subjective. My thesis is uniquely mine, and therefore comparisons between students — I was in a classroom of four — are apples v. oranges.


My semester ended this past Saturday (I know, weird day), and I have just received a grade I am going to need to contest. I fundamentally do not agree with contesting grades, subjective matters be damned, but ...

Damnit. Damnit. Damnit.

... frankly, I just think my instructor is wrong. She's not an expert in the field of my thesis so her role as an extra advisor over the course of the semester was stilted at best. It's not her fault but it's not mine either, and I just can't in my right mind not at least try to object to what's going to amount to a $5,000 bill for nothing after I repeatedly towed the line and gave her what she wanted to see despite her requests being (borderline) tangential to my project.

Oh, fuck all. I really hate grade grubbing, but here we are.

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