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Cohen cuts a plea deal-updated-we also have Manafort verdict..and we will get a new Omarosa tape tonight.

Michael Cohen just signed a plea agreement with the feds to cooperate with them.

Trump is going to go nuts.

The Manafort jury sent a note saying they have a verdict on 8 of 18 counts and they are hung on the other counts—comentators saying it is probably due to the fact that the judge did not allow the proscecution to review ALL the evidence with the jury so they are literally sifting through hundreds of documents.


Judge is going to poll the jury to decide if he will let them give the verdict or if he is going to make them keep deliberating on the parts they are hung up with.

Updating—-Judge is accepting that jury is deadlocked on the 10 counts—he is accepting the verdict on the 8 counts they could come to agreement on.

He is found guilty of the 5 counts of Tax fraud—also on 1 count of failing to file on foreign bank account, and 2 counts of bank fraud for loans he took out.


So he is convicted on 8 felonies and we have a mistrial on the other 10 counts.

Back to Cohen—he pleads guilty to 8 counts—including violating campaign finance law with payments to Stormy and the other woman.


Avenatti saying his case will no longer be stayed and that now he can demand the right to cross examine Trump. Cohen’s guilty plea essentially makes Trump an unindicted co-conspirator. And because Mueller handed this off to the SDNY—firing Mueller will not make this go away. :)

Let the pardons begin!!!!!!

Oh and Omarosa releasing another Trump recording at 7 pm on Chris Matthews show.


Seems like this ought to be enough to cause Trump to have a stroke, doesn’t it?


So Cohen is going down for tax charges, bank fraud AND the political stuff. He as accepted that he may go to jail for 3-5 yrs. Good incentive to be very helpful to SC Mueller to try to improve that outcome.

He’s out on bail now.

UPDATING: As if there was not already enough breaking news—-WaPo reporting that Larry Kudlow hosted a publisher of white nationalists at his home. This is kind of getting crazy.


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