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Cohen pleading guilty (again)

Michael Cohen is in federal court right now to plead guilty to more charges relating to the Russia investigation. He has a plea deal with Mueller to cooperate fully. His prior guilty plea was for charges from SDNY.

Today we get this. Tomorrow we get more info on how Manafort lied to proscecutors violating his plea agreement.


Pleading guilty to one count of making a false statement to Hse Intel committee. His lie had to do with saying that the Trump Tower Russia project ended in 2016, but they continued into 2017. He specifically said Donald Trump’s name in court—first time Trump’s been named—which should drive Trump nuts. Yay.

Trump—walking to helicopter, changes his story: “Just because I’m running for President doesn’t mean I can’t do business” Admitting what Cohen says is true, essentially. Remember “No RUSSIA!” over and over?

ETA: On his way to the helicopter to head to Argentina, Trump was still planning to meet with Putin—but just now—from AF1, suddenly he’s cancelled that meeting. Hmmmm.


Oh wait there’s more:


And more: The only bank that would lend to him had their HQ raided in Germany for money laundering.


The hits keep coming—news just breaking that the Trump Organization discussed giving Putin a $50m apartment.

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