Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So we begin today’s hearing with the Republicans trying to postpone the hearing. Democrats vote to continue. Cummings is IN CHARGE.

Supposedly Cohen is going to talk about Trump knowing about the Wikileaks dump from Roger Stone before it happened, that Trump personally signed the checks to reimburse him for Stormy payments......

CNN got a copy of Cohen’s opening statement last night so they’ve been reading it on air for hours. This should be very interesting.


Here is Cohen’s statement

Holy crap, he is giving Congress 3 years of Trump financial statements.
He brought receipts.

And bless him, Elijah Cummings, is taking us to church in his final statement.

While it is painful to watch the Republicans twist in the wind today, they need to hear this, and I hope some part of what he is saying gets in. It looks like he is about to bring Cohen to tears in his wishes that Michael Cohen changes his life. What a good man to be in charge of oversight. We need him.


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