I just got around to checking out GT for the first time today (ridiculously busy day at work which I would bitch about if I weren't so exhausted) and of course the first thing I do is check my notifications to see if there were any replies to any of my always witty and highly insightful comments about very important issues. No replies, so I click on the recommends and what do they point to...

The same gif (essentially) on two completely different posts - one of which was from last month and the other back in November.

Now if this happened with the Stella Gibson "Fuck off now" gif or Shiny Hannibal or Mulder kicking the trashcan or Space Cats - each of which I've posted AT LEAST a thousand times, I would think "coincidence". However, I've only posted this gif a few times (unlike you organized people who save things for future use, my gif folder is Google Image so they're not always easy to find) so the fact that both were recommended at approximately the same time today is rather curious.


Based upon all the evidence, I believe the "new Kinja experience" that "is coming soon!" is in actual fact the start of the vast Kinja/Space Cat/Illuminati/Free Mason ... [insert conspiracy of choice details here]...that I've been trying to warn you about. I only hope the Space Dogs will arrive in time to save us.