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Cokie Roberts, 1943-2019

Political daughter, then Political Reporter, Commentator, Expert, Political Analyst, Historian, Author, Wife, Mother, Friend, Grandmother, NPR-Lifer, and all-around ABSOLUTE American Treasure.

She was a good one, and an inspiration to a generation (plus!) of us who were able to see her being smart, whip-sharp, and LISTENED to.

She was strong, accomplished, feminist, and 100% supporting of women and their stories & places in the world.


For those of y’all who are also going to miss her wit & wisdom—especially in the upcoming election cycle(s), feel free to share your stories of what you loved & appreciated about Cokie.

I know, as a regular MPR/NPR listener, who ADORED her wisdom & insights, I’ll definitely be missing listening to her fabulous on-air voice (she just had that lovely *something* dulcet to her tone, like Sylvia Poggioli, Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, and Maria Hinojosa—which just absolutely *compells* one to slow down & listen to what’s being said).

I’ll also miss her kindness-to listeners, and to the folks whose questions she always seemed to answer with so much respect & sincerity. And, of course, I’ll also miss that deep well of political knowledge & analysis she was SO willing to share with us, her watchers & listeners.

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