I got job! Hurray and huzzah! Shifts start at 6 am though(!!!) so I’m looking for a way to get sweet sweet caffeine in a low acid, palatable way that can be set up in a hurry err-lye in the morning.

I keep hearing fantastic things about cold brew coffee. So low in acidity! Naturally sweeter tasting! Easy on your morning tummy! Chock full of that caffeine that you crave so deeply. Simple to make- even a trained monkey baby can do it! But the internet- she giveth and she taketh away. I can’t get a solid answer on what coffee is best; only that coarse grounds are necessary. I have seen everything from you must use really high quality, single source coffee, to nah- cheaper coffee gets made better by cold brewing so pick up a decent one from the grocery store. I can’t seem to draw a bead on what roast is best, or if I can brew in plastic(like a tea jug) because everybody says mason jars.

Please tell me that one of you fine GT’ers cold brews and can point me in the right direction!

Many thanks!!