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Cold-brewed coffee?

I can’t drink regular coffee because it’s too acidic for my stomach, so I want to look into cold brewing. The one time I tried it, though, the recipe used almost two cups of coffee grounds to make 16 oz of concentrate (i.e., 32 oz of regular coffee, about 4 small cups), which seems insane.

Does anyone have a decent cold-brew recipe that makes a lot of coffee at once, hopefully without using a crazy amount of grounds or any special equipment?

Also, any suggestions for a good low-acid brand or roast that isn’t too expensive? I generally like lighter roasts.


And finally, what are your favorite non-dairy milks to mix into coffee? I've developed an intolerance to dairy (except yogurt) over the last few years, but I really dislike coffee without milk in it. I know I'm not fond of soy milk, but I've never tried anything else.

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