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Cold calling/emailing for summer/intern positions

Apparently my new title in life is “That Person Who Keeps Asking for Advice.” What’s the least-annoying way to cold call/email a company to plead the case that they should hire me for the summer?

My school was... not really helpful* and time is running out and I don’t know the proper words and in what order they should go in and how do I balance “confident request” and “not being an annoying asshole that gets immediately dismissed by HR” and I must remember to breathe.


If you are a HR manager or someone involved in hiring, how bad is it to receive a phone call from a student looking for a summer position? What should they say? What should they NOT say? If I emailed/mailed an unsolicited resume and cover letter, they get ignored and tossed immediately, right? If you don’t have a summer position, do I even try to convince you to hire me for something anyway?

If I find a number on a company’s website, which I assume leads to reception or an electronic phone menu, who do I ask for? HR manager? If they don’t have an HR manager? If a company’s website only has an online form for contact, should I try to ask about positions? If I notice a company has internship/summer positions for students in other programs, but not mine, is there anything I can say to convince them to let me in with my program?

I’m essentially worried that the truth is that everyone will ignore my call or negatively respond because no one likes getting a cold-call about this type of thing and I’ll never get experience in this field while still in school, and then I’ll never get a job because I have no experience. Downward spiral, ahoy!


(I’ve asked professors if they have any leads, but so far they have nothing. Which is a shame, because they love me and have told me they would definitely tell me if they heard anything. Sigh.)


*Long story short, I went to the career office for help and advice. They helped me to clean up my resume, which was nice, but when I asked for help for finding a summer job they were really dismissive and gave me pretty much zero advice other than “Go on Yellow Pages and call companies!” BUT WHAT DO I SAY TO THEM, YOU ASSHOLES. HOW DO I CONTACT A COMPANY THAT TRIES REALLY HARD NOT TO GIVE OUT THEIR NUMBER BUT ONLY HAS AN ONLINE FORM TO FILL OUT FOR CONTACT? Considering my program is becoming a CO-OP program in a few years, I’d hoped that they would have some leads for me. Nooooooope.

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