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Cold/congestion remedies?

Anyone have good remedies for when you are stuffed up (nose and throat) but aren't really feeling sick otherwise?

I've been getting a ton of sleep, using cough drops and drinking lots of fluids but the amount of stuff in my head is just plain annoying. I have also been using the neti pot and considering buying some Mucinex, but I don't want to make it worse or prolong it. I feel good enough to go about my day, I just have to sniffle every few seconds to keep from dripping on people (okay maybe that was taking it a bit far, but DAMN my face is leaking).

I'm also going to tag this with #healthremedies because I see people asking for this kind of advice all the time on Groupthink and it might be nice to archive it all for future reference. So if you ask a health/ ailment question in the future, use the tag!

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