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Welcome To The Bitchery

Cold Weather Whining

Whine 1: Why am I so cold? The furnace is working and is set at the same temperature as always. Yet here I am, in three layers (and SOCKS!), freezing. Is this purely psychological because it is so cold outside?

Whine 2: Who are the idiots who salted the sidewalks rather than just shovel them off? Now they are covered in a thick layer of slush that will just refreeze. Had they just shoveled them off, they would have been fine. People are tracking the wet slush up the stairs and landings (garden style apartments with exposed stairwells) and that shit is slippery as hell. It will also freeze.


Whine 3: I shoveled out my parking space as well as those of my neighbors. They had plowed ONE lane down the middle of the parking lot, leaving about 8 feet between the cars and the plowed section. I shoveled all of that (for four spots), so that the snow wouldn’t get packed and frozen. Plow guys then came back several hours later, salted, and plowed closer to the cars. This meant re-shoveling our spots because the overflow from the plow was pushed into our cleared spaces. Hard-packed, salted, refrozen slush piles. So much fun to shovel. Plow right the first time!

I hate winter.

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