Well, this is horrifying. I leave my laptop open all the time on my desk while I change/walk around naked (living alone perks!). A lot of the news sources and comments below recommend covering your computer's camera with a piece of paper or tape when you aren't using it.

It's interesting that he was only caught because one of his victims is Miss Teen USA, though it's unclear if she was intentionally targeted because of her position. She came forward when he took over her social media accounts. Many of his other victims were just giving in to his demands for sexual Skype sessions for fear of having the 'creepshots' leaked. He was specifically preying on teen girls who put so much stock in their social media presence. Props to Wolf for coming forward and using her platform to talk about the dangers of cyberstalking. She seems like an awesome young woman!Not only is the extortion element vile, but I'm sure that during the months he tormented these girls, they could never be sure when he was watching and what photos he had. That's got to be the most terrifying invaded feeling.

I don't care that this scumbag is only 19 himself—young and dumb excuses throwing up on your roommate's bed, not hacking dozens of computers and extorting the girls to provide more sexual videos.

I would love the opportunity to smack him.

I feel so terrible for his victims and I'm so glad he's been caught.

BRB, covering my webcam after sugarhill provided this link (Trigger Warning: Stalking/Assault):