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College is kicking my elderly ass

...but in a good way!

This is my first semester back after 13 years out of university. I thought the transition would be way rougher but it turns out that 10 years of being a mom and having a part-time job on top of all the domestic shit has trained me VERY well for the juggling that goes along with being a full-time student.

It turns out that Past Me is a fuckin’ genius because my schedule could not be more useful to my daily life. I have one class M/W, one on Friday, and two on T/Th. Nothing starts before 10AM, which is BRILLIANT on Past Me’s part, because that means I can get WeePiglet on the bus and then get my fat ass to the gym at least three of those days.


I still find myself fighting against my own brain, which is a champion procrastinator, but I’ve learned to outsmart my own brain by reading ahead and staying ahead. GOOD JOB, PRESENT ME!

The only thing that is giving me fits at the moment is my creative writing class. You’d think, with all the blathering on about nothing that I do on the internet all the time that creative writing would be easy enough, right? WRONG IT SUCKS AND I AM STUPID AND BAD AT EVERYTHING.

Aside from that tiny thing, it’s going swimmingly. Most of my classmates haven’t quite twigged how old I actually am (except one girl who asked to see my drivers’ license because she just didn’t believe me, haha), the workload is manageable, and I feel good about it.

I do have a writing assignment that has to be uploaded before midnight tonight, though. It has to be about 500 words and I am stuck at 455. Time to churn out some bullshit!

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