NomNom83! I just came across this response to the Sla... Plate article you were posting about earlier called College Women: Stop Getting Drunk.

It starts out positively enough: let's stop focusing just on women and deal with the menz who are doing the raping too, references victim blaming, etc.

But she seems to think that the reason dudes are raping is just because they have NO idea that they can make poor decisions while drunk! No one's telling them this! Geez, if they only knew that when they got drunk they could step over a line regarding their behavior, I'm sure they'd just all stop drinking completely. Why are we wasting all this time only letting women known that drinking is bad?

And by the end, the last paragraph is horrendous. She points out she's taught her son it's his "responsibility to take steps to not commit or enable rape". Take steps? To paraphrase Yoda, there is no "take steps" there's only "don't fucking do it". She then immediately goes on to go to the whole "biological reality" arguments that women just get drunker easier, so it's still somehow a failing on their part.

And the coup de grace is the very last sentence:

If male college students start moderating their drinking as a way of looking out for their own self-interest—and looking out for your own self-interest should be a primary masculine principle—I hope their restraint trickles down to the women.


What the living hell? What do I love most about this sentence? The attitude of "Men, please, set an example of yourself for these poor, feeble, unrestrained women! Your strength will hopefully show them how to be!"? Or her apparent concept that a primary trait of masculinity should be looking out for one's self? Great point - one thing that men have NEVER thought to do is to place their needs above anyone different from themselves and subjugate the needs of minorities. Or maybe the thing I love most is that she insinuates that the only reason you should worry or not worry about raping a woman is that it might not be in your own best self interest to begin with.

Also - on somewhat of a side note, I'm really tired of all of these articles that are just telling college gets not to drink. It's like abstinence only education. It's not going to happen. College kids are not going to stop drinking. Let's talk about consent rules and drill them in so far that even drunk they're reflexive.

Long story short - NomNom, I liked yours better.