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What are some words/phrases that are specific to your region?

I was watching The Crazies yesterday (the remake) and it’s set in Iowa and they had a character using “folksy” sayings that are just not things I’ve ever heard an Iowan say. For example, “a whole mess of.” I know that’s a thing that people say but I think it’s more Southern? Wherever it’s from, I’ve literally never heard anyone in Iowa use that phrase.


The same character said “this here might be your only chance.” Again, I feel like “this here” is a thing people say but, in my experience, not an Iowan thing.

But then I was texting Homey and I realized that, if a group of people might be going to an event and I want to know which individuals are in the group, I’ll say “who all is going?” rather than simply “who is going?” And it made me wonder if this is a thing that people say in other regions or if it’s specific to Iowa. I would never write “who all” in a paper but totally say/text it.

Anyway, that got me wondering about everyone’s colloquialisms! So, what are things that people in your area say that might be different to everyone else?

And do you say “who all”?! I need to know!

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