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If anyone’s been following the news about the attacks that took place on New Years Eve in Germany (and a few other countries), it’s not pretty. There appear to be over 500 confirmed crimes took place that night, 40% of them being sexual assaults. According to the people reporting the crimes, most of the perpetrators were men of “North African and Arab” origin.

This is turning into such a disaster for the refugee community it makes me think it could have been planned by IS or other terrorist groups. The situation was already tense, which means this was the spark that has allowed anti-refugee sentiments to flare up. There have now been multiple attacks on men from Pakistan and Syria, possibly in retaliation. Resentment could now build up on both sides, making it harder for refugees to settle in Europe (which is what IS wants) and also possibly feeding anti-European feelings in the younger refugees who could then be more easily converted to IS’ dogma (which is obviously also what they want).

In the meantime, the fact that it’s such a sensitive matter means that very little focus is being put on the victims of the crimes, who are having to seek help from a society that wishes the whole problem would just go away.



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