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Colonialism and the Black Diaspora

ETA: Special thanks to Roo Bish Plz for being so kind and encouraging. I appreciate it.

I’ve decided (in my procastination - I still owe you a piece on Windsor) to expand my Black History posts and go world wide. Inspired by video posted on my fb by The Root. The person had causally dropped some info on Afro-Latino’s and spoke as if this was news. I took exception to that because it wasn’t news to me (see map above). Then I thought maybe it is news to someone. Then I thought Americans really don’t have access to much that isn’t American. Then I thought Canadians aren’t any better, it’s just that Black Canadians tend to be more connected to their roots which often includes a relationship with the US and the Caribbean. So we learn through friends, family, and mentors.


All of that said, I’m going to attempt to get into the impact of colonialism on Blacks as a whole. I’ll jump around to places like Brazil, Guyana, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, etc. Some stories I know and some I will have to look up. If you have any personal connection/knowledge please feel free to share or to make corrections.

This post will be a primer. So above is the world map of slave trade routes. I’ll also add various maps showing colonizers and their routes. At any time you can reference this post if need be but at this point these maps are a way of getting familiar. Just check those routes and think about it.

I hope that this is going to be enjoyable. And my goal is to post a new story once a week. Bearing in mind I am neither a historian or writer by trade this is purely for interest and I’ll do my best to provide links and be accurate. And I welcome any additional information.

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