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Welcome To The Bitchery

Color Me Creeped Out

So my parents have the RNC on (or ‘Confirmation Bias Con’ as I think of it), and I was sitting out in the family room sewing while Melania Trump gave her speech. It really bothered me how much Megyn Kelly, Brett Baier, Tucker Carlson, and the other folks on that panel kept bringing up how beautiful she was. In spite of a mild headache, I think I counted at least half a dozen times -if not more- that someone said ‘[Melania Trump] is beautiful’, ‘She’s drop dead gorgeous’, ‘She was beautiful up there giving her speech’. It really felt creepy.

Couple that with Sean Hannity and Newt Gingrich talking about radical Islam and how they kill gays and lesbians and all the pseudo-handwringing about Sharia. All I could think was ‘Since when have you two cared about the LGTBQ crowd, ass haberdashers?’.


Creepy, creepy, creepy all around. Yuck.

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