Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I always thought doing a Color Run looked like so much fun! And I'm sure it is a whole lot of fun and the energy would probably be amazing. There is one happening, I believe tomorrow, in my home town.

But I just read an article from the local newspaper that was really disheartening. The Color Run sold out of it's 15,000 entries pretty quickly at $50 a pop. This is going to be the largest gathering of it's kind in the city, easily beating out the annual Heart Run and Alaska Run for Women. The thing is, the Heart Run and the AK Run for Women are both non-profit fund raising events for the American Heart Association and breast cancer and women's health, respectively. The Color Run is a national for profit organization. While it will be donating to the Boys and Girls Club, they won't disclose the amount. It's been speculated that it may be a dollar out of each entry fee, and they require volunteer hours from folks at BGC. So they'll probably be taking about a half million dollars out of Alaska.


Am I wrong to be upset about this? Are people unaware of the details, or do they just not care? Should I not be raining on the colorful fun parade? It just seems like the Color Run could be doing so much good, they obviously have the draw, but they'd rather turn a profit for themselves. Talk me down, GT.

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