Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Mr Cat's Pyjamas are planning to move in together this summer! Hooray! I'm super excited to get to live with my favourite person and get snuggles and dance parties and reading parties and sometimes sexy parties on the daily.

​BUT! We both currently live alone, and have been living away from our respective parents for a considerable length of time! Last time I lived with a boy, we both moved in straight from our parents' houses (SUPER GREAT IDEA, right?), so we had to start from scratch, household-item wise, with lots of hand-me-downs. This time, Mr C's Ps and I each have an entire apartment's worth of household goods and furniture. That means that, yup, we have doubles of a lot of things. We're planning to move into a two bedroom so we can have an office, but we still have TOO MUCH STUFF between the two of us!


How do we downsize? How do we decide which items of whose we keep? What if I get rid of half of my stuff and then we break up (not planning on it, obviously)?! What if I really like my dining chairs and he really likes his? How do we decide? HALP!

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