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Just need to rant a bit because I'm feeling a little frustrated/pinched. I know I never post anything on here really but just, ugh, don't know where else to talk about it.

For as long as I've had broadband, it has been a monthly fee sort of thing. No usage caps or anything, though I understand a lot of other countries have them.

Now, Comcast has implimented a data usage cap at 300gb a month. If you go over, you pay $10 for the next 50gb (so $20 for 351-400gb, $30 for 401-450gb, etc.).


300gb seems like a lot, and for many people, it is. But if you stream quality video frequently, install software over services, download movies or TV episodes, so on, you can run up on that pretty quickly. Looking at my past usage, sometimes I'm well under 300gb, somtimes I'm well over.

It just feels incredibly frustrating because watching stuff on my computer or messing around on the internet is my escape time, my relaxation and worry free place and now I feel like I constantly have to watch my data usage meter like I'm counting calories as I eat or something. It isn't guilt-free or relaxing. And most importantly, it is someting I used to have, and now I don't and there is no recourse, and all the literature Comcast sends is about how they're helping me improve my experience with this change - really?

I've wanted to start looking at other services in the area, but all I know is AT&T and their plan is even less forgiving (250gb, exact same overage fees).

Edit: And yes, I know this a completely privileged problem to be upset about my no-longer-unlimited broadband.

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