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Welcome To The Bitchery

Has anyone else seen this story in The Consumerist? It's a big ol' bowl of What The Fuck.

It's also super detailed and damning to Comcast and this dude's ex-employer, except... there doesn't seem to be a lot of care. Comcast got a dude fired from his job for complaining about shitty Comcast service — no one on earth needs the shitty service proven, we all know Comcast is mega shitty — and they're not even worried about it. His employer doesn't seem worried about it.


So we should be worried. We should not have to be concerned that companies who ostensibly exist to provide us with service are going to go behind our backs and get us fired for any reason. Like, literally, any reason. That is not okay, it doesn't matter what Dude Who Got Fired said to Comcast. Even if he said "Hey, I work for big muckety-muck firm that you don't want to piss off" on the phone with Comcast after totally losing his shit (completely douche behavior, by the way), still not reason to call his employer. Period. Not Comcast's job, EVER.

This is why monopolies are very very very bad.*

* And also lots of other reasons.

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