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Come and look at the goodies!

First of all, Tano has new bags out. I didn't buy one but I am in loooooove.


They basically look like beat-to-shit rip-offs of Mulberry and Balenciaga bags. Which means I am ALL over them. I am completely dedicated to Tano bags, I think they are a really great value, I love the leather, and they are not astronomically expensive.

J Crew is, as always, offering extra off their sale. So, yeah. SHOES.

You have no idea how excited I am to wear those gold heels.

I found an Equipment blouse on sale at the Outnet!


I got that trapeze looking dress from Free People. I have no clue if I will look like an idiot in it, but we shall see. This is why I hate shopping online, I feel like models have just gotten thinner and thinner and it's difficult to determine how things will look.


And a few things from Zara. I am totally lusting after this leather jacket (the powder blue one sold out!) but I can't bring myself to buy it right now. Especially because it's 80-fucking-degrees in California.

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