Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Come back, motivation, come back!

I have GOT to clean the house and work on my novel and do yoga and buy new sheets like right now. Will someone tell me to use this weekend productively?

Still trying to jump ship from my job, and I had an interview this week, but it would be a lateral move - negligible raise, equally long commute. I'm not going to accept if it's offered to me. On the other hand, a dream position is opening up, and I sent a resume in for that (at the behest of a higher-up and good friend in that office who will push hard for me) and there's a mistake on the resume. It's small but I'm freaking out a little. (I didn't list my job before my current one as having ended when I did - both it and the job I have now are listed as start date to present.)


Also my heat broke this week and we had polar vortex and is it okay if I don't feel like doing all the things I need to do?

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