What little things are making you crazy all out of proportion today, GT?

Here’s mine: My coworker (who isn’t technically my boss but is definitely senior since she’s been here for 17 years) asked me why I added a comma to an email. I told her it was AP style, and she said I was wrong. So I showed her the specific rule on the AP website, and she said, “No, that only applies to sentences exactly like the one in their example.”

So I submitted the actual sentence in question to the AP “Ask the Editor” section, and they promptly got back to me and said that yes, per AP style the comma I added was correct. At which point she said, “It’s still really unclear what the rule is, and AP is being really inconsistent.” This AFTER the reply from the AP experts that specifically said I was correct.

It’s not worth having a huge fight about, but it bothers the fuck out of me that she won’t just admit that I was following AP style and didn’t screw up by adding the comma. The AP rule is perfectly clear (and the same rule appears our house style guide — which I wrote and she approved — though now she says she thinks the entry will confuse people). And even if it wasn’t clear, I sent the specific example! And the experts said, and I quote:

Your understanding of AP style is correct. We’d include the comma because one of elements of the list includes and.

Plus she’s now insisting I change our house style guide to conflict with AP to “make things less confusing.” *headdesk*