Back in the day (like 2013), a bunch of GTers were all learning languages on Duolingo. Someone would post post an update every so often with the leaderboard, showing who was doing best that week. It was fun! It was a nice incentive to learn a new language! And, since a bunch of us on Twitter just got a email calling us back to the site (and it looks like a lot of folks are still active), my New Year's Resolution (which I just made up half an hour ago) is to bring back Kinja Duolingo.

Duolingo, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a website/app that helps you learn a language. It's a bunch of short exercises, and the goal is to do just a little bit every day. Right now they have Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, and Swedish, and supposedly Turkish is rolling out soon. I just started Spanish, and I also want to use the app to maintain my French (which has really withered since I came back from studying abroad, and which I now use mostly just in the from of Franglais, like when I wander around the apartment yelling things like "t'es où, hat?! t'es où?!" as if my hat can both hear me and understand French). You can learn whatever language you want, or refresh a language you already learned, or pick more than one!

Anyway, it's easy to sign up and fun to use, and there's winning involved. And a cute owl! Unless there's a complete and utter lack of interest from everyone, I'm willing to post a weekly leaderboard update. If you want to be included on that, either leave your username below or add me as a friend (I'm MPFBonnet). We can also use that weekly post to complain about gendered nouns, because fuck gendered nouns.

(Feel free to share this post anywhere else, if you think other communities would like to join in. All are welcome here!)