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Konami gave us Contra, Castlevania, YuGiOh series and Blades of Steel. Now Bombergirl. Based on the picture it seems very questionable in a sexual way.

Why must they do this? I don’t recall Simon Belmont with clothes tattering with each hit or Yugi losing his clothing with each match he loses. Bomberman never lost his either.

I realize Senran Kegara series is a hit and popular in the 3ds. The woman pictured looks like she is in a school uniform. I hope she is 18 but probably not.


This is just dehumanizing. Too many teen boys will play this just to see the characters clothes get tattered.

Is this a new trend for videogames the “tattering of clothes” game genre? I realize Japan’s porn laws are not like ours with the blurring and anime/manga porn is popular (hentai?) and monster porn. Is this just a branch of manga porn?

This is just creepy as hell.


Sadly it may have an excellent game engine and good game mechanics but destruction of clothes will make it moot.

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