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Our governor is a piece. The tourism industry apparently determines our school year now, since our governor signed a bill pushing the earliest fall start date back 4 days. Unlike now, where districts can choose when they start. This will push some of the St. Louis districts’ start dates back almost 2 weeks, starting next year.

The general consensus seems to be that districts will have to shorten Christmas breaks and probably reduce/remove Fall breaks.


“Supporters, including Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe, argued that earlier school start dates are affecting the tourism industry as more families end their summer vacations in early August.

Among those favoring the prohibition were amusement park operators and lobbying groups representing hotel owners, campground owners and river outfitters.

First, Missouri is disgusting in mid and late August. Second, everyone I know who takes trips longer than a weekend gets the fuck out of Missouri. Assuming parents have vacation time available, later start dates mean families are going to go to Gulf Shores or the Smoky Mountains. Not places in Missouri.

“The measure was sponsored by Rep. Jeff Knight, a Lebanon Republican whose district is south of Lake of the Ozarks.


“With schools starting so early, some of the places that cater to tourists were having to shut down because their teenage workers all had to quit to go back to class,” Knight said.”

OMG it sucks that we can’t exploit our 14 yr old workers if they have to go back to school, folks!

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