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Come Whine with Me

I managed to feel a cold metastasize in the time it took me to drive home last night (it's a long commute, but DAMN). I drank Emergen-C like it was [insert some delicious liquid here] and tea and had a hearty dinner and generic NyQuil and went to bed. And I woke up this morning even worse off.

I desperately need to be out at work, but there is no possible way I'm leaving the house like this, let alone to sell a consumable product. Ew. As a result of being couch-bound, I've rewatched The Hobbit for the third time, The East (could not get into it!), and last week's Elementary, and now I'm on to bad History Channel Doomsday Programming and lusting after the ability to be vertical and clean this joint.


I wholeheartedly blame the (herd? flock? flange? clowder?) of toddlers I was around this weekend.

I don't often catch colds, but when I do, it's from other people's children. (FWIW, I like kids, I was the one playing Legos on the floor with them.)

Commiserate your daily whine below. I promise empathies! And if not those, then sympathies!

ETA: Damn you NuKinja!

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