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Comedy club recs for LA? Also open thread for comedian recos

I am going to be out in LA for a Wednesday through Saturday... maybe Sunday if I can convince my husband to join me. I am hoping to see some comedy on Friday because my schedule is sort of in flux the rest of the trip. I am hoping you guys can refer me to some theaters so I can check out their schedules. This is also an open thread for general comedy recs - whonhave you seen / heard, who has a good podcast?

I know about NerdMelt because I’m tryyyyying to get away to see Marcella Arguello’s women crush Wednesday show and because I love Naomi Ekperigan so her couple’s therapy show on Saturday is on the list. Doesn’t look like anything I want to see is going on at the Largo on those days. Looked at UCB Franklin but don’t see anything I am that interested in... other than some stuff I know I can’t make because I will be at business dinners.

Can anybody give me some recs for other places to check out? I appreciate your help!

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