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Comey "mildly nauseated" - what's nauseating you?

I’m massively nauseated at Comey’s interference in the election. I am also massively nauseated that he thinks that not talking about Weiner’s laptop would have been “catastrophic” yet his refusal to not come forward about the investigation into Trump and Russia is not catastrophic??? I’m also nauseated to think about the fact that indeed, to some extent that is true. If even something minor had been found in Huma’s emails, it would have led to a far larger outcry than the Russia/Trump connections have.

I’m nauseated at what is going on in Chechnya - I read a report that parents are being told that they should kill their gay children for “honor” purposes.


I’m nauseated at a thought I had yesterday - what if Trump knows exactly what he is doing and saying all the time. What if this is all an act, a strategy, to avoid any kind of culpability and to deflect everything.

I’m nauseated at the idea that this health bill could pass. I’m hoping it won’t, but it just cannot.


I am nauseated at the idea that Trump may sign an anti-LGBT executive order tomorrow that legalizes discrimination against LGBT people.

I’m nauseated at a report I glanced at yesterday about sexual assaults happening by border agents (glanced bc I am trying to limit my news exposure a bit).


What’s nauseating you of late? Doesn’t have to be politics-related. Here’s my non-politics-related one - I’m nauseated at the idea of trying to find housing in NYC, particularly given my current salary and the salary I will get when I move.  

Article about Comey:


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