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Comfort food

We’re traveling to the middle of nowhere Michigan or Wisconsin (it’s not clear what state this wedding is taking place on the map). I’m a nervous traveler. I’m the one who checks in hours before the flight leaves and then sits down to eat a cinnabon and read for a couple of hours because, early. My husband rolls in with just minutes to spare. This causes fights. So I’m sitting here half packed eating comfort food. Trying to not worry about tomorrow and hoping my ears clear up.

So for dinner I made what is called in my family white trash Mexican. Yes I know the name is horrible, but when you’re a native Californian you know that this is not what your friends abuelita is going to be feeding you. Plus my family is so not middle class and since we weren’t using frybread we couldn’t call it Indian tacos!

The beauty of the meal is its simplicity. Ground beef, onions, garlic and “Mexican”seasoning cooked up on the stove top. Heat up a tortilla, put cheese on the bottom, add your meat and follow that with guac, sour cream and whatever else you have on hand. Wrap it up and eat!


So, GT, what are your comfort foods?

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