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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Comfort Media

It’s been a rough few months/years/millennia. I’m having a particularly hard week, and yesterday I was in the mood to read, but struggling with it because I wanted something comforting, which the book I’m reading right now isn’t. Not because of anything with the book itself, but because it’s harder for new things to be comforting.

This got me thinking that as much as I love to read, it’s not really a comfort activity for me, at least not in the way putting on The Princess Bride for the thousandth time is. I don’t reread books often, and when I do reread something it’s likely because I’ve forgotten the details. With TV shows and movies I love watching something so many times that without even trying I’ve got all the dialog memorized, but there’s really only one book I’ve read so many times that it gives me the same coming home/know it like the back of my hand feeling.


So all this got me wondering about you, GT friends. Do you reread books a lot? Any favorites that you find yourself revisiting again and again? What are your favorite comfort books, movies, TV shows?   

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