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Comic Book Lady Frustrations

So, I'm allowed to read at my cashier job at the museum when it's quiet, and today I had a pile of my comic books to read besides me (all stuff from the past week).

This guy comes up to me, and is already kind of being a dick, and then he sees the comics and immediately goes "Are those yours?"


No, asshole. They're just sitting next to me, where no one else is sitting. I'm just keeping them warm till the dude who actually is reading them comes back.

I say yes, and then he proceeds to do the thing that annoys me the most: not so subtly test me to see if I'm a "legit" comic book fan (asking me about authors, series, etc.). This happens so often, I can't even start to tell you all the stories. At my comic shop job I always get asked (by men and women) "Do you really read this stuff?" None of my male co-workers EVER get asked that. Even a friend of my FATHER'S tried to prove that he knew more about comics than me, something I quickly proved wrong. I'm just so sick of having my nerd cred questioned. It makes me want to scream "YES! I have tits and know more about Batman than you! GET OVER IT!"

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