Dynamite has done a good job on her character. The early Dynamite she is in street clothes ie jacket, blouse, slacks. Southern Gothic is excellent 5 issue story and good for beginners. Later on around volume 3 of the trades pbs that compile Dynamite mainline Vampirella she suddenly pops out of her street clothes into her original outfit. She faces off with herself wearing the original outfit then somehow they merge and boom this is her outfit through volume 4, didn't read beyond this. All the covers are her original outfits and absolutely objectifying. Although like I wrote about Grimm comics they have good stories that doesn't need absurd objectifying covers of Sela Mathers. I do like how Vampirella original outfit is part of her being and not just clothes, when asked if she was cold since it was snowing wearing it, she brushed off the questioner.

I really need to read the original Warren Vampirella stories. I love my Nook 32gig tablet, comics are huge data monsters. Also there needs to be a Vampirella series, CW would be ideal. Vampirella/Buffy crossover would be ideal.