I know what you might be thinking, "CBG is posting about comics? Say-eth what? I've never been so surprised." But it's true!

So this post is about upcoming/recent stuff.

On the Marvel side of things:

-Avengers Assemble : The last arc was Spider-Woman, Black Widow, and Spider-Girl on missions and doing stuff. (There's some sort of theme, but I can't quite place my finger on it.) Except for the "Enemy Within" tie-ins I unfortunately haven't read this series. But it's Kelly Sue DeConnick, so I'm sure it's quality...

-Black Widow: The first issue came out a couple of Wednesdays ago. (I can't believe I didn't post about it. Gah.) It's written by Nathan Edmonson with art by Phil Noto. I don't want to tread into spoiler territory so I shall just say: 4/5 stars.

The next issue comes out this Wednesday, the 22nd. It, and issue 3, are available for pre-order here, if you are so inclined:



(I posted this image because Phil Noto.)

Mighty Avengers: It seems another artist is taking over interiors soon. This pleases me.


Upcoming titles:

-Captain Marvel: The re-launch of the series, which will still star Carol Danvers and still be written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, is starting in March.


-Ms. Marvel: The series, which stars new character Kamala Khan, is available for pre-order on Comixology and most certainly at your local comics shop! Here is a link:


-She-Hulk: Written by Charles Soule (who has actually worked as a lawyer, so cool) with art by , will be released on February 12th, 2014.


-Elektra: The last I heard about the series, it was going to follow her as she goes through a list of assassins and, well, assassinates them. But that was when Zeb Wells was going to be writing. W. Haden Blackman took over and I don't know if his plans for the title have changed. Anyway, it's coming out in April.

On the DC side:

-Worlds' Finest: The latest arc sees Power Girl and Huntress teaming up with Superman and Batman.


-Batgirl: Apparently Barbara killed a dude? What? And now there's an arc called Gothtopia, which I saw compared to House of M? Huh?

-Batman Eternal: Stephanie Brown is returning to the DC Universe in issue 3. But what of Cassandra Cain?


-Wonder Woman: On-screen: It was announced that the long in-development CW series Amazon won't be picked up. And while I'm sort of glad (because it was the CW) I still find it annoying. The Hourman series is still going forward, too. Whoopee. :|

Comics version: They still unfortunately (in my humble opinion) have her paired with Superman in their Superman/Wonder Woman title. And I read something about them going up against Zod, so I guess it's not just romance crap. (I'm not fond of romance crap.) So neat, I guess. In her solo title, Diana and her family are preparing for an attack on Olympus. (I only just started reading the New 52 series so I can't get into further detail.)


(If I've left stuff out, please let me know. I'm only just now trying to get back into DC stuff...)