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I'm going to start including more books that aren't just female-led.

This week:

Captain Marvel #1:

"Hero! Pilot! Avenger! Captain Marvel, Earth's Mightiest Hero with death-defying powers and an attitude to match, is back and launching headfirst into an all-new ongoing series! As Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Carol Danvers, comes to a crossroads with a new life and new romance, she makes a dramatic decision that will alter the course of her life and the entire Marvel Universe in the months to come. It's time to go HIGHER, FURTHER, FASTER and more in the most super-powered comic around!"


I might be "here" for this particular romance, despite my usual anti-romance stance. :/ Also, Kit is still the cutest thing.

Black Widow #4, which I haven't read yet:

"From the cold streets of old Russia, the Hand of God reaches out to crush Black Widow—and it is merciless.Outmatched by the brute force of a powerful new villain, Natasha finds a deadly plot unfolding that spans the entire globeJump on to the sensational new series as the most lethal The Avenger faces her deadliest test!"


X-Force #2:

"Cable. Psylocke. Fantomex. Marrow. They are mutantkind's protectors, spies, assassins and torturers!But just what has driven each of them to join the most deadly incarnation of X-FORCE yet? Yes, Marrow is back!But how has she regained her mutant powers and what does it have to do with X-Force's first target?"


I've heard mostly bad things.

From DC:

Superman/Wonder Woman #6

Zod and Faora are still up to no good.

"When the Phantom Zone is breached by Zod, Superman and Wonder Woman are forced to do the unthinkable to stop the tyrant from global destruction. But can they do what must be done – and will the world forgive them?"


I haven't read this series yet, but I've heard good things about how Soule writes Wonder Woman. As much as I've liked what I've read of Azzarello's Wonder Woman, she's very "different".

Also, I still don't understand how Charles Soule is a practicing lawyer and writes 500 titles.


Batgirl #29

"Dead before sunrise! Batgirl and the Talon known as Strix race to stop the new villain SILVER, who has ties to I, VAMPIRE star Andrew Bennett!"


...I'm so not caught up on New 52 Batgirl. I recently re-read the Brave and the Bold issue (#33?) where she, Wonder Woman, and Zatanna had a "ladies night" and cried again...like an _adult_.

Next week:
Ms. Marvel #2
X-Men #12
Batwoman #29
Harley Quinn #4
Wonder Woman #29

If I've forgotten anything, please let me know.

Also, I have no clue when the next Pretty Deadly is out.

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