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I, Oort Cloud, am going to Hermann in a month! On the choo-choo. I will be attending an event at Stone Hill Winery called From Grapes to Glass and otherwise bumming around Hermann and eating strudel. Normally we go the following weekend, for Wurstfest, but we wanted to do From Grapes to Glass and hope the weather is nice so we can tromp around on the Katy Trail a bit.

From Grapes to Glass is a 2-hour tour where they tell you a bit more in depth how the wine is made, etc. I wish the other live webcam had remained operational this year (there was one at Stone Hill trained on one of the vineyards) but it went dark back in the spring and stayed dark.


It’s a little premature, but just so you know, the path of totality for the August 21, 2017 total eclipse goes right through Hermann gazebo and all so that’s where I’ll be for the eclipse too.

I will try to walk up to the gazebo and wave “hi” into the Gazebo Cam if I can! The hard part might be getting a wifi, phone, or data signal to get on Groupthink. Hermann is ever so sleepy! But, again, the thing I like about it so much is not that the 21st century passed it by, but that the corporate rat race passed it by. You have several small, successful companies that still have full-time manufacturing jobs with benefits and don’t seem to need all the corporate b.s. to make and market their products. There’s a toy company, a wheel bearings or some-such company, a fabric swatch company, and Lord knows how many wineries. But there’s not even a movie theatre. I would be bored out of my gourd there in about three days, but I’m only staying two and a half so we’re good.

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