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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Commence 5 Day Weekend!

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This is going to be my absolute longest stretch of time off in months, and it has begun! Since I'm a creepy loner but I still like Thanksgiving food, I purchased everything I need to make a super elaborate Thanksgiving meal that I could live off of for days. With that abundance of food, my creepy lonerism, and the wonderful bounty of dog shows on TV, I am turning tomorrow into Danksgiving and it is going to be the best!


For the rest of my long weekend, which includes the first of my December Mondays off, I'm looking forward to so much loafing around and catching up on cleaning while hanging out with my dog. He's been rewarded with a tiny stuffed Lamb Chop toy for putting up with my long hours away from him for the last month.

I made it, guys, I have survived busy season at work.

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