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Commencement Success-ment!

A success! So yesterday I had my college commencement-yeah, just walked, not getting my degree until next year-and it went well!

My parents were cool. Well, my mom was rude to the people at my coffee shop, but I pulled her aside and told her that it was my day, and she couldn't be rude to people in public. She did clean while I was trying to get ready (someone rushing in and out of the bathroom while you're trying to put on makeup perfectly? Say it with me y'all: ain't nobody go time for that!), but overall she wasn't that annoying. Well, until the bar after, but that was more like a drunk without social graces.

But enough about that. Here's the dress and the shoes!


A close up of the Magic Sparkle Slippers:

They sparkled in the sun! And I wore them, without wavering or falling, for 4 HOURS. No pain. Truly magic. Considering I saw another girl face plant with her heels. Needless to say, people were coming up to me to take pictures of my shoes.

They corralled us in the tennis courts, then we went into the basketball gym and it was pretty cool. Our speaker was better than I thought, and after I got pictures with my besties. And it turns out my dad and one of their dads were at the same university getting the same degree at the same time! Wow.


And we have this statue of our mascot in the middle of the main plaza of our campus. I did the 'Rocky' pose on top of it. I look like a lunatic, but all the other people started doing the same thing when I was done. I'm a trendsetter.

So basically, a success. I got a martini after, and it was goooood. Today: poolside mimosas and then dinner with my cousin, who just got his MBA!


Thanks for everyone reassuring me that it would all be ok. Means a lot. One more ceremony to go, and maybe some better pics of the outfit!

Edit: I also got asked questions by a reporter from the news paper. Pretty cool.


Edit 2: This is where I got the Magic Sparkle Slippers!

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