ETA: I'm flippant below in an attempt to not utterly rage stroke at my desk and break things. Apologies. My stream-of-consciousness is not as empathetic/kind as I'd like it to be. I will work on it.

Attempting to not feed the trolls, but the thing that's getting to me is the constant fear mongering that pro-lifers use like their whole bit about "cutting brainstems in half" and fetuses "screaming in pain." Sorry it's making my stomach turn too, but I just... why? Your freak out about "baby murder" is not EVER conducive to a good conversation about why women of all ages, races, and socioeconomic status need education and access.

My reminder to all these "pro-abstinence" "pro-make-it-really-hard-to-get-birth-control" "pro-limited-education" because they're YOUTHS is that if we make all of these things available to women of all ages THERE WILL BE LESS TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY. WHAT YOU CALL "BABY MURDER." It's FUCKING SCIENCE.

But then I remember a lot of them don't like science either.

Guise, I'm for women's rights, not for baby murderin'. it's not about ME, whether I'D PERSONALLY have an abortion. It's about letting private citizens decide (within what is currently legal in Roe v. Wade) what to do with their lives/bodies.


I'm in a situation that if (heaven forbid) I got pregnant right now, I would be able to healthily and safely bear and raise my child. I'm in a stable relationship, I have great health insurance, and my parents are nearby and I know that they would be supportive if I elected to have a child. Knowing I have this privilege makes a HUGE difference in what choices I would make for my body, but there are SO many women out their who do not have the support system I do. I am non-denominationally blessed but I feel for those women/female children who do NOT have that support. THAT is why we have education and OPTIONS for humans. I hate it when people realize they are on the losing side so they whip out the fear mongering disgusting hateful BULLSHIT.

Sorry for the tangent/terribly written stream-of-conciousness. I am super busy at work but if I don't get this off my chest I will explode. FUCK those people who think that if they don't let people have access to education/birth control women will stop having babies/terminating pregnancies. It's been happening for millennia. Guess what DOES actually lessen these amounts? FUCKING EDUCATION AND ACCESS.